Wednesday, November 3, 2010

O.C.D. Opens Friday!

The O.C.D. show opens this Friday November 5th.

As the exhibitions committee planned the 2010 exhibitions schedule early in 2009, "O.C.D." as a theme was suggested. At the time, we had a very candid discussion about how we could approach and curate an exhibit of this nature. Our shows alternate between the fun, the political, the meaningful - but when we curate a show dealing with struggle we want to make sure we do so with sensitivity. We knew this show would take extra care throughout every step of the process. Even crafting the description was a painstaking task, and the exhibitions committee and curators spent the next year putting together what I think is going to be one of the more powerful shows we've had at Ae to date.

"O.C.D. - How artists have creatively responded to and dealt with the struggles associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which is defined as a psychoneurotic disorder where the individual is beset with obsessions or compulsions, often resulting in extreme anxiety or depression."

The show was A Listed and I think Jessica Armbruster describes the situation well: "...while it's sometimes depicted as cute and a little quirky on television shows like Glee, people who actually have the disorder would hardly describe it as charming."

Aint that the truth.

The opening this Friday will give you a chance to meet with the curators and artists of this show - but if you can't make it on Friday, I hope you make it to Ae at some point during November - this is a show to soak in, and one definitely not to miss.

Image features Christine Tulgren - "Rage"


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