Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Write a Classified Ad in Big Funny!

BIG FUNNY is an oversized, color comics newspaper coming out in August (read more about the project below). To raise funds for this project, we are now accepting classified advertisements in the following categories:


You can place a 1-50 word ad for a mere $20... you may be able to get more words in if you're really funny, or if we don't bother to count them. Truth should not be a concern, although it is an option... humor is encouraged, although not a requirement. Note that advertisements making true or serious statements will very likely not be believed anyhow.

Why would you want to place an ad of dubious value that won't be taken seriously in a one-shot newspaper of comic strips? Perhaps you always wanted to see your name in newsprint? You have an irrational hatred of $20 bills? You thought you were ordering a pizza?

A more probable motivation would be that your ad supports a unique publication, and, unlike a regular newspaper, it will be read for many years to come. Also, these ads will actually get read, as people will be reading them for their own amusement.

Do you or your business want a larger ad in Big Funny? Please email jamie@alteredesthetics.org to discuss the possibilities.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse an ad for any old arbitrary reason that may suit our whimsy. Any rejected ads will be refunded in full.


The newspaper industry is coughing blood and gasping on its deathbed. Newspapers lost their relevance a long time ago, and with internet media blossoming they can no longer compete. Readers and advertisers have moved on.

Unfortunately, newspapers are taking their beautiful bastard child, the newspaper comic strip, with them.

Today's newspaper comics are much-maligned and deservedly so. Today's small strips, with mostly predictable, safe themes and bland characters are a pale shadow of what newspaper comics were in their wild and colorful youth.

110-or-so years from their birth, it's been a good run. Let us not mourn the death of the newspaper comics rather, let us have a wake to celebrate what they once were, and to build something new.

The International Cartoonist Conspiracy, Big Time Attic, and Altered Esthetics gallery are collaborating to produce an oversized newspaper comics section like they would do it today if they still did it like they did it in the old days.

It will be called BIG FUNNY, and it will be both.

The paper will premiere at a show at Altered Esthetics in August featuring some of the original art from the paper, along with historical comics pages from the dawn of the last century.

For more info or to place your add, go here: