Saturday, October 25, 2008

Open Calls for 2009


Altered Esthetics is excited to announce our exhibitions
and Featured Artists winners for 2009.

Interested in submitting works?
Visit our open calls page to view all 2009 exhibitions:

The Art of Performance
Ballet, jazz, rock, theatre, captured through painting, photography, sculpture and more. This show celebrates the art of performance through the language of visual art.

Featured Artist Contest Winner: DeDe Sorensen

Rejected Art
Was your artwork wrongfully rejected from another show for censorship or other reasons? Show us your rejected art and tell us your story!

Featured Artist Contest Winner: Silvana Lacreta Ravena

Creativity Runs in the Family - Intergenerational Art Show
Did your grandfather paint, and your mother sculpt? Is your uncle a photographer? This show will highlight the work of creative family pairs or groups. Collaborative works as well as separate images are welcome. Share your story!

Featured Artist Contest Winner: Margaret M. Gamache

Coloring Outside the lines II
Children's Art

I Heart Northeast
One of only several official Arts Districts in the states, the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District is home to over 400 artists, studios and galleries as well as countless historical landmarks and fabulous brownstones. This show features artwork about our awesome Northeast Minneapolis.

Featured Artist Contest Winner: Martha LeDuc

Bike Art IV
Bicycle themed artwork - an annual exhibit.

Featured Artist Contest Winner: Andy Singer

Resident Artists V
This show is open to artists who have displayed work at Ae 5 or more times since inception. There is no specific theme.

Featured Artist Contest Winner: Karen Riggs

Big Funny
Altered Esthetics, in partnership with the Minneapolis Cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy and Big Time Attic, celebrate the 110th anniversary of the American Comic Strip with "Big Funny" - an all-comic newspaper full of artwork from local, national and international comic artists.

The Struggle Within
Artists often use their art, either consciously or subconsciously, to deal with the trials of real life. This show features artwork that displays or examines the struggle within.

Featured Artist Contest Winner: Erica Scanlon

Travel Stories
Do you have amazing drawings or pictures from your trip to _____, and a story to go with it? Share your experience in this exhibit.

Featured Artist Contest Winner: Jamie Schumacher

Nov 2nd
Día De Los Muertos
This event celebrates the holy holiday, the Day of the Dead.

Featured Artist Contest Winner: Cris T. Halverson

Digital Frame Art
Think outside the box and join us as we experiment with this new media.

Featured Artist Contest Winner: Cris T. Halverson

Political Feedback, in the style modern/popular art

Featured Artist Contest Winner: Aunia Kahn.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Minneapolis Art Hunt!

Altered Esthetics is a proud sponsor of this year's Minneapolis Art Hunt.

The free art hunt challenges Minneapolis residents to search for hidden artwork in the public parks of Minneapolis. The hunt begins Friday, October 17th at 2pm and lasts until all 35 artworks are found.

To see visual clues, informational video and learn more about the art hunt visit:


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pictures-Tales from the Black Lodge opening!

The Tales from the Black Lodge opening was a big success! A huge "thank you" to everybody that made it out for the evening. The opening was a blast and the artwork is amazing!

I dressed up as the Log Lady (well, as close as I could) and Kristin dressed up like Nadine. The most popular question people asked my log was "how old are you?"

You can find a few pictures from the opening here:

We'll be adding more as we get them. Woohoo!

- Jamie

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tales from the Black Lodge opens Friday!

Okay, the debates are over.... now I can post without clenched fists ;)

The Tales from the Black Lodge show opens tomorrow (Friday), and I'm so excited! Jaclyn and Kristin did a great job helping coordinate this exhibit - and it is a HUGE show. Here's a picture of one of the installations in the first room. Welcome to the Black Lodge!

PS - We had a lot of fun setting up this exhibit! Below - in our mini lodge, from left to right: me (Jamie,) James, Kristin, Ed, Jaclyn.