Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Call for Art - 2010 Featured Artist Contest

Altered Esthetics 2010 Featured Artist Contest

Altered Esthetics is now accepting submissions for artists to be featured in our 2010 Exhibition Season. Artists can submit with any of the below exhibition themes using the online submission system, email, or through the mail.

Full contest guidelines can be viewed here: 2010 Featured Artist guidelines (pdf)

2010 Exhibition Season Themes

Artistic perspectives on consumerism, branding, and advertising.

Bike Art V
The fifth annual Bicycle Art exhibit will feature photography, sculpture, spoke-card art and more.

Burning Books
Artwork using the words, letters and altered pages of burned, banned, and censored books.

Cities vs. Suburbs
Peaceful pastorals or raw energetic street scenes? Artists duke it out in Suburbs vs. Cities.

Comic Art
Need we say more?

An artistic exploration on how creative manifestations, gender,
and how gender may or may not affect an artists' creative vision.

Artwork inspired by the movies of director Alfred Hitchcock.

Just So Stories
From creation to the afterlife, evolution to the flood, artists explore the stories of how things were, have been and will be.

Level_13: Classic Video Game Art
Celebrate an epic era with the fourth installment of Altered Esthetics classic video game art exhibit. Artwork about classic video games and anything 80's/nostalgia themed is welcome.

How artists have creatively responded to and dealt with the struggles associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Resident Artists VI: Creative Collaboration
This show will be open to ALL past artists of Altered Esthetics.
Works must be a collaborative project between two or more artists.

Street Art
Guerrilla art, post-graffiti, spoken word, hip-hop, muralism and more, the Street Art show will take a look at modern Street Art as it occurs in music, method and form beyond the gallery walls.

Día de los Muertos
Day of the Dead - a 1 day celebration. Entries for the Día show are free.

Coloring Outside the Lines III: Children's Art
A 1- day celebration. Entries for children are free.