Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bike Art 2009

Bicycle Race- Andy Singer

Dear Altered Esthetics friends and cycling enthusiasts,

Are you ready for the best Bicycle Art show yet? Altered Esthetics' 2009 Bicycle Art Exhibit will feature a variety of awesome ways to get engaged with other artists and cyclists in communities from here to Patagonia. To read more about our plans for the upcoming exhibition and find out how you can get involved, check out the updates below.

Looking forward to another awesome year!


New Website

Last year Ae received an awesome new website! You should give it a whirl if you haven't done so already. The Bike Art shows are all online as well:
Bike Art I
Bike Art II
Bike Art III
Bike Art IV

Open Call for Artists

For this year's show, we'll be featuring Bicycle themed art, sculpture and video - but we'll also be featuring an interactive Spoke Card Art installation as part of the exhibit!

You can submit artwork or spoke card art one of three ways.

Submit online:
Not only does the website have all our exhibits up, it also has a fancypants online submission system. Artists who submit this way will be our BFFs because this process makes everything a LOT easier on Ae volunteers. You can submit online at: Bike Art IV/Open calls page.

Submit via email:
If you don't like the thought of submitting through the system, you can still submit electronically by emailing your name, contact information, an image of the artwork, title and media to

Submit via mail:
If your (or a friend you have) is anti e-anything, you (or they) can call us to request a submission form via the mail. We do not accept telegraphs or mail carrier pigeons, though we will accept ponies via the pony express.

Ae Bike Team - MS 150

Each June, Altered Esthetics hosts this Bicycle Art exhibit, bringing together the awesome arts and cycling communities of the Twin Cities and beyond. Last year, we invited our friends to join us as we supported another awesome cause also taking place every June - the MS 150.

The MS 150 is the biggest two-day ride in Minnesota, and is a fundraiser for National Multiple Sclerosis Society. JOIN US, and take on the 150 mile trek from Duluth to the Twin Cities, featuring the scenic William Munger Trail. Not only is the ride beautiful, but is a lot of fun while supporting a great cause.

Arts, advocates, and friends are all invited to join the Ae team as we support the MS 150 for a second year, and the event's 30th anniversary.

Friends riding as a part of the Altered Esthetics team will receive a free Bicycle Art/MS 150 team t-shirt, a free Altered Esthetics poster, and the intangible feeling of awesomeness that comes with joining the Ae team.

Join the Ae Team

Bike Art in the Northeast Parade

As part of the 2009 Bike Art festivities, Altered Esthetics will be participating in the 80th Annual Northeast Parade with a rolling Art Exhibit and Bicycle caravan.


Interested in sponsoring, supporting, or volunteering to help make this year's Bike Art exhibit a success? Contact us at: or 612.378.8888 for more information.



We'll admit it - we're internet dorks. But we can all be in this together - join the Bicycle Art group on Facebook!

Post features "Bicycle Race" by Andy Singer

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